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Holiday Gift Suggestions that Promote Active Playtime

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The holidays are here and shopping season is in full swing! When shopping for kids, it can get overwhelming very quickly. While it’s completely normal to find lots of tech-focused gifts on your child’s wish list in a very plugged-in world, it’s still important to balance those toys out with gifts that actually get them up and playing. Below is a list of gifts that will hopefully inspire your children to get out and play- and maybe they’ll inspire you to get out there with them!

Hula Hoops: Hula hoops can be used year-round, since they are light and easy to bring inside. Just make sure to leave some room to twirl it around! Did you know that you can use hula hoops for several different activities? Find 4 fun ways to use hula hoops here.

Goals: Most households have at least a few balls, but do you have a goal? If your kids love playing soccer, a soccer goal might be a fun backyard option! There are several kinds online, from lightweight and inexpensive portable ones to full size professional quality ones for the ultimate soccer fan.

Bike or scooter: Kids tend to love anything with wheels. Not only are bikes and scooters great ways to get kids outside, but they are fantastic for bonding as you teach them how to ride. Plus, once they have it mastered, they can get to the park faster!

adult and child in a pool learning how to swim with a pool noodle

Lessons: If your child has been showing an interest in a particular sport or activity, it might be time to kick it up a notch! Sign them up for karate lessons, or swim lessons at the local gym. Winter is actually a great time to take swim lessons- class sizes are usually smaller and your child will already be ready to hit the water when summer rolls around!

Jump Rope: With colder temperatures, it can be harder to find opportunities to walk or run around as much this time of year. Help your kids get their cardio in while having fun by getting them a jump rope! Make it even more fun by teaching them the rhymes you used to jump to growing up, like Miss Mary Mack and Bubblegum, Bubblegum.

Whether your child is into playing in the backyard or playing team sports, there are lots of fun gifts they’d enjoy receiving this holiday season! For more ways to get your kids playing, be sure to check out the Play Ideas tab.

Shell Feis is a Play Ambassador for Let’s Play.

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