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Spring, Summer, Fall

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Two Children

The other day I just had to get my kids outside – they were driving me crazy. But, I didn’t feel like sending them to a playground or going to a park. I just wanted to go to the backyard.

Living in Brooklyn, our backyard is not big (in fact, we’re incredibly lucky to have one at all). We started out playing Frisbee but we were just too close to each other, and somebody was going to get hurt (probably me – I’m a klutz).

So, we grabbed some hula-hoops and adapted. The game became about accuracy, and we took turns holding the hoops and throwing the Frisbee through it.

Here are some other small-space play ideas:

  • Stack some empty cans on a box and try to knock them down with a Frisbee or a ball. If you have light cans like soda cans, put some water in them so that they’ll be easier to stack.
  • Make magic mud by mixing 2 parts cornstarch with 1 part cold water in a shallow baking dish, and watch in amazement as your kids dig in.
  • Spread pieces of cardboard around the backyard and see if your kids can leap from piece to piece, avoiding the hot lava (grass). Once they master it, move the pieces farther apart.
  • Overfill some water balloons and play Hot Potato. You might want to wear bathing suits for that one!
  • Don’t have a sprinkler? Poke holes in a big soda or juice bottle, fill, and hold over your kids!


How do you play in small spaces?

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